Florence: travel in time and luxury at the Gucci museum

Open in 2011, the Gucci museum offers a unique experience and discovery of the history of the iconic luxury brand.

Created under the impulse of Frida Giannini, the company’s actual artistic director, who wanted the public to know more about the company’s history and evolution throughout the decades, this museum is both unexpected – among all the classical Renaissance beauties Florence has to offer – and totally connected to the city’s sense of art, good taste and sense of perfection.

Musée Gucci, Florence

Indeed, this museum has not much to do with a Gucci shop. Situated in an ancient mansion beautifully located on famous Piazza della Signora, the museum covers two rather small floors, decorated in a very sober and subtle manner. White and black are the main colors, allowing the few, iconic objects and clothes presented to appear as gems in a jewel box. The result is a peaceful journey in the world of glamour !

Gucci et ses différentes créations

Guccio Gucci, the man who started it all

The Gucci museum is very discreet about the founder, Guccio Gucci (1881-1953), and barely displays here and there pictures of his heirs dating from the 1960s or 1970s, usually standing with  movie stars. And his story is just unfold by a notice that mention in a few lines the main steps of the destiny of a man who started in life by being as a maître d’ at the Hotel Savoy in London.

Seduced by the style of the elegant clientele of the hotel he was working  for, Guccio Gucci came back to Florence in the early 1920s to launch his own company dedicated to luxury travel accessories, with the help of the highly skilled local craftsmen.

Les sacs Gucci

Visiting the museum

The museum displays few objects, but chosen with great care, to illustrate the evolution and main models created by the company. The staging is very subtle and sometimes dramatic. As an example, the room dedicated to the bags is only partly enlightened, as the lights gradually appear and disappear to show the evolution of the main models, decade by decade. Quite effective !

Gucci, les motifs floraux

Gucci Museo, Piazza Della Signora, 10, 50100 Florence – phone : (+39) 055 75 92 33 02

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