How to discover Geneva with little ones?

Geneva is a small but very international city where life is sweet and which has lots to offer to young children as well as teenagers, both indoors and outdoors !

Located between two mountain ranges – the Alps and the Jura – , bordered by Lake Léman (or Lake Geneva), small Geneva has a wealth of activities to offer for kids of all range, including:

  • Visiting the old, cobbled-stone medieval Vieille Ville

Lots of fun ahead in the downtown, with its hidden stairs, secret passages and lovely place Bourg-de-Four;

Dans la Vieille Ville de Genève

  • Swim in the Lake

Meet myriads of birds, and enjoy the various beaches such as Genève Plage, les bains des Pâquis and la Baby Plage. Don’t want to swim ? You can still enjoy great playgrounds by the Lake, alleys to skate on, and even some little boat to ride !

  • Ride on the Lake

Small moto boat scan be rented by kids over 12, and the yellow Mouettes can also be a good way to enjoy a beautiful view of Geneva from the Lake. For the more adventurous ones, water-skiing and rafting are also easily available.

  • Unleash the lions in Geneva’s numerous and wonderful parks!

On both sides, Rive droite and Rive gauche, the city displays huge parks, with various playgrounds and even animals sometimes, where you can have a walk, play, run, enjoy a view, learn more about flowers, and sometimes check hot air balloons contest ! This includes parc des Eaux-Vives, domaine de Penthes, Jardin botanique, domaine de la Bâtie and parc Bertrand ;

Les jeux du Parc Bertrand

  • Enjoy one of the best selection of shows for kids

Geneva has several first class theatre for kids, among which the most famous one is théâtre Am Stram Gram, which presents all year young several plays and shows, for specific age ranges. It also organizes once in a while brunches on Sunday morning, including a small play and a talk with the actors. Other theaters also have child-dedicated programs such as le théâtre du Loupand the theater des Marionnettes.

  • Discover sciences

At the au CERN, where the World Wide Web was invented, and the Higgs Boson discoverd, or at the science history museum, or else in July, during the Night of the science.

  • Meet more than 180 nationalities

Geneva is « a place for peace ». The UN has its lelgilative body here (the executive one being in New-York), and the International Red Cross was founded here. Both can be visited, in order to better understand why they were created and how they work nowadays.

Last but not least, check the places where Rousseau and Voltaire, two personalities who profoundly shaped the city and its spirit, have lived, and enjoy cheese fondue and fine chocolate all year long ! Fondue is indeed available in restaurants even in summer time, and regarding chocolates, well, Auer, Rohr, Stettler will have no more secrets for you ! You may even have the opportunity to visit their lab…

Little Goguette took you there:

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